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Photo credits: Raffi Youredjian, Avo Kambourian, Samuel Buton, Boris Munger, Özgür Yildiz, Céline Scaringi, Pablo Garrigós Cucarella


Collectif Medz Bazar, formed in Paris in 2012, is an urban diaspora band comprised of musicians belonging to Armenian, Turkish, French and American cultures. Drawing from their own and from neighboring traditions, the members of the collective create original arrangements of folk music as well as compositions of their own.

On stage, they offer a fruitful balance between tempered instruments and music from the modal traditions, between Middle-Eastern percussions and voices inspired by Asia Minor’s and Iran’s folk music, Caucasian Rabiz and songs of Thrace, together with Latin American music, Operette, Hip Hop, Swing and Bluegrass.

Praising love, justice and equality through their multidimensional music and explosive energy while tackling social issues and challenging political and cultural boundaries, the powerful voices of Medz Bazar have unconsciously become symbols of cross-cultural dialogue and feminism.

Medz Bazar performs regularly in Europe, in the Middle-East, and in North America. Their third album “O” will debut this fall as they venture out on yet another successful world tour, making appearances in the US, Portugal, France, Poland, Armenia, Turkey, Georgia, the Netherlands, the UK, Belgium, Switzerland and Germany.